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Everyone searches Friendship Quotes on the internet, you get to see many Quotes For Friendship, which you can share with your friends, there are also cute Friendship Quotes which you can share to your cute friends, in friends we We learn a lot and we should always support our friends

Best Friendship Quotes
A friend is someone who listens to your stories, A friend is someone to kill all your worries, A friend is sweet just like you are, A friend is brighter than any other star.

May your worries die everyday,May your tension fade away. May our love bring you happiness, And our friendship grow each day.
All the memories we shared and treasured, Count up to be the best things for sure.
And here we sit together spending just another day, To add to the list some more.
Sharing chocolates and licking ice lollies, Going to school together and fighting over little things, Playing in the meadow and cycling over the hills,  Memories made with you are worth cherishing.
You are the most cherished surprise in my life, You came like an angel and treated me like a friend, You blessed me with your beautiful presence, I wish that this friendship we share never ends.
You are like a beautiful song that takes my worries away with its melodious tune and peps up my mood.
The best part of our friendship is you,It starts with you and ends with you. So do not break our friendship, As I can’t see my days without you.
Let there come no day, That ends our friendship And separates us two. We will stay friends And keep the promises, No matter what happens.

cute quotes Friendship Quotes
We two friends are like birds singing merrily all throughout the year, Spreading love and happiness through our sweet mellifluous voice,

I hope our friendship never ends and remains etched in our hearts forever.
ur friendship is like a star in heaven, Peaceful, pleasant and shining bright above. So let’s spend some more time together, And let our memories sparkle forever.
Your friendship for me is so true We will remain this way and through No expectations and no reasons No things ever untold in life You have always helped me my friend Through my strive And I owe you many things in life Thanks for this wonderful friendship!
In this eventful life We never really lose friends It’s just that situations let us know Who are the real ones and Who are the fake ones to pretend Life is about bonding well with real friends alike For my best friend forever Great to have you in my life!
Making many friends in life is not magic Make magical moments by spending Your time with that one true friend who Will stand by you in every tide That is pure friendship only for you Making it feel special all the way through Power of friendship is true!
When you are going through the dark time And nothing relates through You know for sure deep down in your heart That there is a best friend true Who would go out of your way to make you feel good Would go out of your way to support you This is to my best friend forever Whose so awesome too!

Happy friendship day quotes
I cannot promise to smile with you I cannot promise to laugh with you I cannot promise to be with you But I promise I will be there for you In your sorrows and tough times too

I won’t leave you in this hour of grief Know that my friendship is pure and true For a wonderful friend like you!
Friendship is a peace within It gives that solace of some kind Whenever you need someone besides Or reasons or answers you can’t find
A friend will always help you through This journey being old and new Cheers to my friendship with you Cheers to you!
Friendship is a reason why things happen It needs no explanation of any kind You know that someone is there You know some one will walk behind
Embrace this special bond in life For it’s the true bond that will stay Friendship is a blessing all the way!
Friendship does not demand time Friendship does not demand conditionFriendship needs no thought or reason Friendship needs trust and understanding Friendship needs that support in standing

Friendship Quotes
I share true friendship with you Because you are one in few Best friends forever with you!

Each friend in our life is like our own version Therefore, you feel the most comfortable with friends You are free and you are in your skin
Each friend is like a reflection of a life you live So thank a friend who made a difference in your life Thank a friend for always being there!
Strong bond of friendship does not need any communication It does not need reminder of sorts It does not need silly gestures in life It does not need any condition or thought A strong bond of friendship is true Only by having besides a friend like you!
Anyone can stand besides you Anyone can give you a clue But there are a few people in life Who would truly understand you Those people are called as friends A relation so pure without pretend So thank all your friends today They made your life perfect every way!
Many people come in your life And many people walk awaymBut true friends leave an impact as suchThat you totally have your say That is the kind of friendship I share  That is the reason I know That you are always there This friendship will remain with time!

Best friend quotes
Never stop talking to a friend who does something wrong Take a moment and reflect on all the things that your friend did All the things that were always right

And all the moments your friend made your life so bright Friendship will remain till time This relation is so precious and prime!
he bond of friendship that is rear, I always know the way you care I don’t talk but you understand me I don’t say a word but you are there Our friendship will rock with time I am so lucky to call you mine We are best friends forever!.
It is a deal with you I want to make Life will change its got a reason But our friendship will remain the same in each season
Does not matter we are married or not Does not matter we have a baby We will remain best friends forever, Are you game for the deal!

Happy friendship day images
In this long journey of life, We often meet people on the way And we often lose our say One thing that remains unchanged Is the bond of friendship so pure

Nothing fake about this bond As there is a magical allure This is to my best friend forever!
With you, my joy knows no bounds and sorrows bring no pain. Your support and care, has made me strong inside.
You have always been there for me, helping me realize my true potential. I am so lucky to have a friend like you.
I promise to always stand by your side, just the way you do. Together we shall cross every hurdle of life with ease.

Friendship Quotes

I have shared my entire life with you. You have stood by me through all the odds of life. I am so thankful to God for gifting me with a friend like you.
I love you my friend, Your funny jokes and pranks,You keep me smiling everyday, And shower joys in my life.
You are my guide, Correcting my mistakes, Teaching me values, And a lot of good care.

Best Friendship Quotes
You are my good friend, Never letting me down, Always treating me with love, And sharing happiness along.

Sharing our thoughts and worries with each other, Holds our friendship longer and makes it more stronger.
A friend like you is sweeter than anything, I enjoy being with you than buying candies!
Friends forever we shall stay, Friend in need, we shall be, No matter what tries to separate us, We shall always keep in touch..
If ever you feel like sharing with me, or crying with me, Then please call me immediately I may not make you laugh, but I will surely cry with you!
Thank god friendship does not cost anything, If it would, then it was really difficult for me to afford you!
What is friendship made of? It is twenty percent love,Twenty percent sharing, Twenty percent caring, Twenty percent support, And remaining twenty gives you new hope!
A friend gives you hope, When you feel low, A friend pushes you When you are going slow,  A friend remains true forever in life, A true friend is really difficult to find!

Happy friendship day image Quotes
With you there have been so many different ways, I have shared so many beautiful days, Thanks for being my friend, You and me are a perfect blend!

I am glad I have you as my friend, Together we can start a new trend, To continue this bond forever, Cheers to our friendship!
The good times that we shared, The silly fights that we had, Has only strengthened our bond, With time our friendship will grow more strong!
No one is as close to me as you are my friend,nThere is no fakeness with you, I don’t need to pretend, Coz our friendship is true!
You have made me understand the true meaning of friendship, and made me a stronger person. Thanks for your support.
If am a good friend or a good person, it is because I am your friend. Our friendship has made me a better person. Thanks for being my friend.

Happy friendship day wishes quotes
Thanks for being there, When no one was, You don’t ask me any reason, Or a cause, You accept me as I am, It’s great to have you in my life dear, With you around, I feel no fear!

When no one understands how I feel, How come you do it easily? I think we are connected by heart, Cheers to our friendship, No one can ever make us apart!
True friend shares all your joy and grief, There are nor any reasons or briefs, True friend knows your role, True friend helps you to reach your goal!
True friend accept you as you are, because she knows who you are, True friend understands you in and out, And that’s what friendship is all about!
You are all alone in the journey of life, When you have no choice and you have to strive, n That time your friend brightens up your day, Your friend helps you in many which ways, True friendship stays forever!

Quotes on friendship
When you look at rose flowers, They are all red in color, but somewhere in between them you also find pink colored flower, In my life, you are same flower my friend!

From the time you entered my life, You brought joy and laughter,I used to feel so gloomy before, But, look at me now after, Thanks friend for being in my life, You mean a lot to me.
A friend will make you feel at ease, There is no need for fakeness, No need to please, True friend will support you throughout in life, She will guide you through all the strive!
If you ever feel like running away or not talking to anyone, Then please call me, I will sit with you in the silence, That’s what friendship is for!

Top Friendship Quotes

Ah! Those stupid fights, And gossiping all night, Those discussions of trends, And the meaning of friend, Everything starts and ends with you, v I love you,
You are and will remain special in my life, All through ups and downs, All through wrong and right, You have been there for me, Thanks is the only word for you, I truly love you, My bestie!
I don’t consider you as a rain,Which comes and goes away, You are like the fresh air which always stays near, In any gain or pain, Thank you for everything my friend!
Life is truly incomplete without a good friend like you, When you are with me, everything feels so awesome and new, Thanks for coming in my life, I truly love you!
Friends can understand, What words can’t express, Friends understand everything in life, Friends are a true source of smile, All the time all the while, Love you my friend!
One word that comes to my mind, Whenever I see you is awesome, Yes you the awesome reason of my life, You are too good to be true, Its only you my friend, it’s only you!

Quotes about friendship
I am so lucky to call you my friend, With you I am so me, There is nothing to pretend, I am so lucky that you are in my life,Without you my friend, how will I survive? I love you a lot!

Love said that if I exist, What’s the point of friendship? Friendship replied, I am the happiness, Because I always leave a smile, Whereas you leave tears in the eyes!
Good friend is really hard to find, Because a good friend is rare, But, I have already found mine, And it’s a swear, It’s only you my friend, This is true, Thanks for coming in my life!
True friends are forever, They are really difficult to find, They are most difficult to leave and go, And they are truly hard to forget, So, cheers to our friendship!
You are there in my sorrow, There when I smile All the way and all the while You make me happy my friend I love you!
Friendship beings with the trust Then grows to the level of faith My friend I just want to tell you That you are simply great I love you my bestie!
When I think about friendship, I only see your face, My friend you are my life You are there when I need you Without you I would feel so blue Cheers to our friendship!.

Happy friendship day Quotes 2021
Friendship is that emotion Which is felt from the heart It has no end and no start Because it stays forever Cheers my friend!

Straight from my heart, The message is clear You and me together seems rear Our friendship is way perfect Cheers my friend!
When a true friend is by your side, There is nothing much left to say, She is your strength in life, Come what may, Thanks for being there in my life, You are just awesome!
A true care, A true strength, True hope, True selfless love, That is what a true friend is, Thanks for being my friend, Love you my bestie!

Best friends quotes
Best friends fill the void in life, The void of loneliness and pain, Always ready to help and wipe the tears in vain, Best friends are for life, Thanks for being there!

My life is awesome because of you, Do you have a clue? That you are the balance of my life, Without you, it would be tough to survive, Love you my bestie!
You are the God’s greatest gift in life, It’s because of you I strive, Coz you are my strength in life, Thanks for everything, Cheers to our friendship!
A good friendship passes the test of time, Does not require words, Does not require gestures It only requires love It only requires care As you are my friend Thanks for being there!
Friendship has just one rule in life, A rule of there for a friend, Where there is no apprehension And nothing to pretend Friends are for life Without you I can’t survive!
I am glad that I have you for company, I am so glad that I found you. As someone like you is rear And someone like you whose so true Cheers to our friendship!

Fake people friends quotes
You know that you are special to meYou know that you are true  I am so lucky and I am so fortunate To have fond a friend like you Thanks for coming in my life! My bestie!

Friends are an important part of life, And friendship is too priceless It surpasses every test Because friendship is truly the best As you are my friend I simply love you!
Every relation has highs and lows in life, But, the relation of friendship is pure, It depends on love only There is no negative vibe of any Cheers to my friends! You are the best!
Friendship is a golden thread The binds hearts forever It is a bond that stays with time So proud my bestie to call you mine You are the best Cheers to our friendship!
True friends are there to support you through In everything so old and oh so new True friends guide you along the way They have a special say In your life,True friends rock the life Cheers to friendship!
What are friends for in life, A little fun and lots of smiles, Doing weird things a while Supporting each other in life In all the struggles and strive Love you my best friends forever!

Love Friendship Quotes

Friends are like, you know, In the hardships and in pain, They are there to show The support on the way, Thanks my bestie for being there You are truly precious and rear!

friends day friends quotes
A friend is there when you are in need A true friend is like your deed You feel all happy and smile all day In the company of good friend each day I love you my bestie Thanks for always being there!

Every relation somewhere struggles with time and tide But friendship is so pure There is nothing so fake and so nothing to hide As friendship is the best thing That can happen in life To all my lovely friends
Thanks for being there!
Life closes all the doors and you feel so bad But, when you are in state of being sad
Suddenly someone opens the door for you That is your true friend Makes your life so new Thanks for being there You are one in few!

Friendship Quotes
With you my world always shines so bright With you I can forever see the light

For darkness has no meaning in life With you I can happily strive
Please stay this way my friend With you there is no pretend! Things always turn upside down And there is sorrow and frown
But with a good friend you always do smile Its all the way and every while May our friendship stay this way Till the end of time!
If you ever tag friendship, You will not know its worth For friendship is so pure And friendship has no price Its the reason why you are happy A reason enough to survive Cheers to our friendship!

Friendship Quotes
With the company of a good friend Life is never the same You feel so awesome You feel so good all day May this bond of friendship stay to Is all I wish to say My lovely friend!

I don’t care about reasonb I don’t care about any season All I care about is you My loving friend whose so true Cheers to our bond of friendship!
Hold your friend too tight, And never let her go, Because in the end All you will know Is that she was true like no one else So, keep your friendship strong, Be there to where you belong!
It is not about when we talked for the first time
It is not about the thing, It is about the moment When you never had to say And you never left me for a day Thanks for being there!
You bring so much happiness and positivity in my life. Thank you so much for being such an awesome friend. I don’t know what I’d do without you.

Real Friendship Quotes
Having a friend like you in my life makes it all the more beautiful and amazing. I can’t thank you enough for being there for me always.

A friend like you is hard to find A thread so pure that makes us bind A friend like you will stay in heart And I wish that time does not make us apart A friend like you is a gem Who always shines in life Thanks for being there!
Ah with a best friend beside you You always feel alright Things look so good in the dark You feel so much and bright Having a bestie like you in life Makes all the difference in strive Love you so much!
Our usual outings and hang out places The gossip sessions and traces The longing and backing each other for support The perfect thing to mind and sort Life is so easy with a friend like you My bestie I love you!
Good friends always remain with timeGood friends have a connection of heartWhen the love of friendship is pure No one can go apart My best friend I love you so much Our friendship has a magical touch
Friendship is truly a blessing That God has given us In this world full of chaos Friendship gives a healing touch The emotion of friendship is such Thank you so much my friend for being there!

cute quotes Friendship Quotes
Friendship thread is so strong All the emotions that belong It can’t be broken easily in lifeYou just can’t give away Coz best friend is for life A friend will always stay!

Love for a friend can’t be defined in words You feel so pure with a true friend She is there to understand She takes it all in her stride Just to see you smile Thanks my bestie for being all the while!
Those silly little fights and gossip galore With you there are many secrets and more With you
I share my life per say Everything in life and every way So be as you are today Besties for life are we for sure Coz our friendship is so very pure!
Sending the sweetest wishes to the sweetest friend I have, with loads of hugs and kisses. Don’t know what I’d do without you!
Hey bud! Just wanted to let you know that you’ve been an awesome friend for me all this while and I can’t thank you enough for the same!.We’ve never bothered about who’s been rich or broke between the both of us,
or who’s been the one to puke after party nights and who’s cleaned up. We’ve just been there for each other all the time, doing role reversals as and when we needed, and that’s why I love us and our friendship.
You know what the best part is about being your friend? The fact that I can be myself around you without any inhibitions! Thanks for being so awesome and letting me be awesome all the time!

Funny Friendship Quotes

It’s been so many years since we have been friends, and I can’t believe how awesome our friendship has turned out to be. Looks like we will take over the world very soon, together, with our mighty friendship powers! Okay, let’s be realistic and just have a drink together!
There are days when I feel like throwing eggs on you or planting firecrackers in your bum. But that’s because I know you won’t mind me doing so! Thanks for being such an awesome friend!(Friendship Quotes)
There are people in my life who have been there for me when I needed them the most. And then I have you, who’s been there for me even before I could say I need someone. Thanks for being such a great understanding friend.
I know that many years later when you and I would have shed all our scalp hair and teeth, we’d still be sitting on the porch checking out people and planning pranks. Cheers to the friendship that we’ve shared so far and for the years to come.

Friendship Quotes
Having a friend like you makes me feel like I have one more crazy sibling! Thanks for being there always! You’re my BFF!

You and I are exactly the same when it comes to our level of craziness. I think God made a mistake by sending us to different families. We were so meant to be siblings!
Some relationships are always special The relationship that you and I share Is special and will remain special This is to a special friendship we share Cheers to you and our friendship!
I do not feel the blue I do not feel the white I feel all colorful and bright As I have a lovely friend like you By my side,Thanks for everything my bestie!
You are my friend and you will stay In life’s every which reason and way I just thank theord I have you With you it feels so special and new mThanks for being there for me my friend I love you!
You make my dreams come true You make my moments so new With you, I share my happiness With you, I share my pain Just want to thank again For being there for me I love you my bestie!
You listen to all my life stories You are there in my every need You are there when I need you the most So a special thanks from my side For helping me through this tide You are so good my bestie and I love you!

Real friends Quotes lyrics
A friend like you is a blessing Always there when I want There are no airs about this bond Nothing ever to flaunt You are there

I know for sure I am also there for you This relation is so true That it will s tay forever in hue You are awesome my best friend forever!
A best friend like you changes my world Makes me smile in the grim Makes me laugh when I am sad You are the one I want to be with
Talk to you for hours my friend I am so me when I am with you With you, I feel a world so new Thank you so much my friend I simply love you!
Closer to you I feel each day When I have many things to say You are and will always be there The way we share our bond my friend
The way you always care Thanks for all the love that you gave You are and will remain my bestie for sure A love so pure and a great bond!
Friends are life when no one is around Their support makes you so strong They are there when everyone walks out When life is tough for you
Today I simply want to thank you My best friend for being there My best friend for all your care You are simply the best!

Friendship Quotes
If I was a tyre, you’re my air, man! I’d be all deflated without you. Thanks for being such a great friend!

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