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Wedding Card Message
May your married life be an inspiration to all the couples. Happy married life.

They say in life you should always keep your eyes wide open. However, after marriage it is better closed!
Why marry when jumping in front of a train is so much more easier! Just kidding. Happy married life.
Marriage marks the end of a love story and the commencement of a wrestling match. Happy married life anyway.
The words ‘I do’ now gives your significant other the power to rule your life forever. Welcome to the world of bondage.
May this new start, bring all the joy and happiness in your life. May you always stay in love with each other. Enjoy your wedding day. Congratulations.
Like the sky, like winds, and like sweet flowing waters, may your love always continue to exist. I wish you a very happy married life.

1. Wedding Card Message, Wishes

With marriage, comes new challenges and phases in life. But, with your sincere and honest love you shall sail through such obstacles. Enjoy every moment of your love life. May you two always stay together in love. Congratulations on your wedding.
On this auspicious day, when two hearts unite to one, I wish you a healthy and happy married life. Congratulations.
It’s the memory of lifetime, It’s the memory so rare, When you know now, Things are going to change, Because someone will be there, To complete your life, Congrats on this special day of life!
On this romantic day, when you two shall hold hands, I pray to God that, may you never have to take them apart. Have a wonderful married life filled with joy, care and passion. I wish you a great married life.
The love you share, is immense and sweet. May your love never fade away. I wish you a marriage, filled with loads of joy, love and care. May your feelings and emotions for each other only grow deep and strong with time. All the best for the times ahead.

Best Wedding Card Message
Marriage is a promise to stay by each others side for the better or worse. Congratulations and the best of luck for your beautiful and adventurous new journey. Wedding Wishes

May your married life be filled with roses. I’m pretty sure with the love you have for each other, you will fight back together the few thorns that come in your way as well. Congratulations to the newly married couple.
A new beginning of life is around. May you have a happy and wonderful married life. But since we both know, that is not possible. Let us at least enjoy all the days before the wedding. May you always look happy and jolly after marriage. Good luck.
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wedding messages
I wish for both of you, the most joyful married life filled with smiles together. Have a wonderful wedded life.
My best wishes and lots of love to this newly married couple. May God shower you with all His blessings.
Congratulations on your wedding day. May all your days seem like both of you are in heaven.
I wish that this beautiful couple dances on their grandchildren’s wedding day. I wish you both all the happiness and love in life. Happy Wedding.

Wedding Card Message: Today is your wedding day, May it be awesome and so much fun Celebrate this day with a promise Of love and togetherness all your life Stay blessed in the loving company Wish you all the best for your new life Congrats to both of you!
It’s an occasion to celebrate, It’s an occasion to share, For every thought of love, For every little care, Congrats because you found that someone in life, And today you are taking the next big step, Happy wedding, Stay blessed!
The love, passion and feelings everything just culminates into one word in life, and that is the holy bliss, Congrats on your wedding, Seal it with a lovely kiss, Stay blessed you both forever!

2. Wedding wishes messages

Marriage is about love, care and sharing, Congrats because you found your perfect soul mate, Mark this very beautiful date, Of start of a blissful life, Congrats that now you are his wife, Happy wedding, stay blessed you both!
Wedding is an occasion where you blush a bit, You know that someone special is there for you, You enter the bond so pure without a clue, That is all about the love so true, Congrats on your wedding! Stat blessed!
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Wedding Card Message 2020
Love always increases when there is someone to share, You know that the person will care, You know the person is always there, So, wish you a hearty congrats on your new beginning in life, Happy wedding!
Wedding is bliss when it’s new, It starts with a kiss, And ends all due, Nothing is wrong or blue, Its juts pure love and that is all true, Wishing a very happy wedding to you, Congrats both of you!
There are different chapters of life, And wedding is like a new chapter, So, here is hoping, that the story would be, Enthralling, loving and extra ordinary, Congrats on your wedding day, Stay blessed you both! ( Wedding Card Message)

When two souls become one, Life is all the more fun, On your special day my only wish for you is, That you stay blessed and loved all through, Congrats on your wedding day!

Casual Wedding Wishes
Wishing you all the joy on your special day, With all the good thoughts, glee and gay, May you stay forever happy with each other, Coz you are a couple made in heaven, Stay blessed forever, Congrats on your wedding day!

Marriage is meeting of two souls When the heart becomes one Marriage is meeting of two mindsWhen the fun begins Marriage is a thought so positive Being with the person, you love Many congrats on your wedding day Stay blessed and in love!
I am glad that I am a part of your special day Today as you start your new life You will have many reasons to cheer Spend your life with love and care Because you know, someone is always there To love you and to support you through Many congrats to you!
Life will be more blessed Love will be all around It will be joy in the heart Of the new passion that surrounds The passion of longing and love Will forever stay with you in life Wishing you the most amazing time Happy wedding day Many congrats to you this day!
Wedding Card Message and Wedding Wishes, then tell you that you have come to a very good website, you will find happy wedding, wedding gift message, funny wedding quotes
Wedding Wishes for Your Son
Congrats on your wedding I wish you well for an amazing life A life that will be filled With happiness all the while Respect and trust will make it good This bond will never break touch wood Many congrats on your wedding Stay blessed forever in life!
You stay blessed is my wish Both of you stay forever in love Today as you start your new life Take a promise to stay in love forever For each other in every difficult time This bond shall forever remain Forever remain in time Congrats on your new life Congrats on your wedding!
The spark of your love will glow Throughout the term of life It is a start of something new It is a start of a wonderful life for you I wish you happiness all the way I wish that you stay this way All in love and blessed forever Congrats, to the most gorgeous couple I know. Wedding Card Message
Love is a reason why you are together Love is a reason for you to stay A reason enough to find your heart And become a part today Stay in love and have a happy life Is my only wish for you Congrats to the most awesome couple I wish both of you An amazing life ahead!
Congrats to the pretty couple I know You both are so in love I wish that your love forever grows I wish that your love stays with time I wish that both of you have a Wonderful life together, I wish that both of you just stay This way and so in love!
May your love bloom a little more May you understand each other so well Both of you are together blessed and destined Congrats on your wedding I wish you both a wonderful life Stay blessed and always in love!

3. Congratulations Wedding Card Message

Congrats to the most good-looking couple So happy to see you both Taking the promise of being together in life Your love can be seen through your eyes I wish that both of you Stay forever in love in life Have a wonderful life ahead Many congrats on your wedding day!
Wishing you both some happy time Along with that some smiles to come As the relationship will grow Respect and trust will also grow Be happy as you are entering a new phase of life My good luck and wishes are with both of you Congrats on getting married, Stay blessed and smile all through!
Wishing you a wonderful life together May all your wishes come true Happiness never leaves this side Respect and trust also paves a way Happy wedding day To the most genuine and lovely couple I know, Stay blessed both of you This is just the start for you!
Wedding wishes from my side For a wonderful couple I know Wish you joy, love and happiness In the times to come ahead Enjoy this most wonderful phase in life Stay blessed in your wedding life Congrats on getting married Happy wedding to you guys!

Wedding Card Message: Many congrats on starting a new life A new phase where things will change New love will take over in time New feelings will take place It’s a totally new experience in life Enjoy getting married tonight All the best for your lovely phase Stay blessed you both!
Its a moment to celebrate It is a special moment of joy When two souls meet in life Having the same kind of passion in heart As you two are made for each other Happy wedding to both of you For a tale which is as sweet as you Many congrats and all the best! Wedding Wishes
I pray that your big day be as beautiful As you are in your life When two pretty souls meet It’s all about the perfect strike The strike of love and respect The strike of being one in your life Happy wedding to both of you May you have a lovely future too! Wedding Wishes
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Casual Wedding Wishes
A successful marriage is all About falling in love With the same person time and again I know you will also do the sameYou are so in love with the nameĀ  Congrats on your wedding!
I would like to congratulate you on Your wedding day,May your marriage work on love, respect And happiness all the way May this bond never break in time As both of you are truly destined!
Many congrats on getting married I always knew you both would marry each other Because you both were destined to Be together Wish you love, respect and happiness all the way Wishing you happiness on your wedding day Stay blessed! Wedding Card Message

A little bit of love Respect is all in mind All the feelings that make Things that may work so fine You know marriage is wonder When you have a partner like him Happiness will be yours forever Congrats on your wedding day!
Congrats to a beautiful couple May the ingredients of joy, respect, trust And happiness make your marriage delightful May you have a time to remember My good wishes are always with you For a wonderful start you are making through, Stay happy and stay in love!

4. Funny Wedding Quotes

Wishing you and your partner a joyous life ahead With lots of happiness and smiles May you never fall out of love and use trust As the only thing in between this wonderful bond of love Congrats on getting married For all the good days to come Stay blessed and always in love!
Happy days will stay if you find happiness in everything It’s a new chapter of your life I wish you lots of good luck and lots of smiles So that you have a wonderful phase of life ahead Congrats on getting married Stay in love as you both make a wonderful couple!
May the flower of love blooms in your life May the star of happiness shines all through May there be things that bring in goodness To make a pleasant beginning too Weddings are truly special Congrats on getting married my friend Wish you lots of good luck and smiles!

Wedding Wishes for a Family

Wedding Card Message and Wedding Wishes, then tell you that you have come to a very good website, you will find happy wedding, wedding gift message, funny wedding quotes
Best Wedding Card Message
May your new life be surrounded by love, Peace and happiness all the way May you love your partner and have that Respect so to say May smiles never leave your side As it’s a new beginning for you this day Happy wedding day to both of you Super congrats on getting hitched!
Not every day you fall in love Not every day you meet someone Who remains special for you for life Not every day you get married my dear So celebrate this special time With lot of happiness and good cheer Congrats on getting married Have a blessed life ahead!

Wedding Card Message
A new chapter is about to begin A new beginning with joy in your heart It’s a wonderful and lovely start Think positive and life will be good Happiness will never leave your side Touchwood, Wishing you and your partner a happy married life Stay blessed and have a great time Wish you a smile all the way!

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